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Micro-moments continue to change customer experience management and the purchasing process

Customer experience management process

Introduced in 2015, Google’s micro-moments have changed the rules of  customer experience management. Ever since businesses discovered that these ‘moments’ of decision-making influence the entire consumer journey, businesses have been working tirelessly to find solutions that help them plug into these moments and understand exactly how their consumers’ actions affect the purchasing process. Today, these micro-moments matter even more, because mobile is dominating the market. These intent-rich moments have become the foundation of many marketing strategies, which now, combined with machine learning, have helped businesses to better communicate with their consumers in real-time, and on their terms.

A shift in customer experience management

With digital marketing driving every successful business, customer experience has now become the new battleground for businesses competing for their customers’ hearts. Gone are the days where brand loyalty was the distinguishing factor between businesses, now it’s about the experience. The challenge with this is finding the right solutions to access the right customer information at the right moments.

Given the rapid rate of digital innovation, from disrupted mobile marketing to AI, and big data to machine learning, artificial algorithms are increasingly embedded in today's analytical applications, assisting marketers in trying and testing new ways to connect with and upsell their existing customers.

Machine learning is leveraging micro-moments

As companies leverage intelligent data tools to help their customers navigate with ease, they will be able to track customer behavior through the intent, context, and identity they leave behind. The data generated from these interactions helps companies to create actionable insight reports which will help companies respond to challenges and adjust their strategies according to the needs of their audience.

Once companies are able to act on these insights and create experiences that are relevant, personalized and valuable, only then will they truly be able to enhance everyday consumer experiences.

Here are a few benefits of making data-driven decisions for your business:

A completely new approach to personalized content

Personalization started becoming increasingly important when humanizing content became important. It was introduced to help individuals identify their favorite brands with a real-life person and presence. However, since the introduction of chatbots and other machine learning solutions, communication has become more automated but not yet personal enough. Customers still lack the personal relationships with businesses, which is why data and measurement have become a vital element of customer experience.

Customer behavior analytics with new data sources

Machine learning paired with new data solutions are making it easier for companies to understand their customers. These solutions generate individual, augmented customer profiles which get categorized into specific groups, helping customers to respond to specific behaviors. A great example of this is how the beauty and wellness industries are able to formulate profiles on people and send that specific group of people certain fitness and wellness programs based on the segment they fall into.

Analytical optimization

This advanced research is mainly used for financial industries, where they analyze their audiences’ current behavior and their predicted behavior. For instance, companies will be able to generate insights based on how a customer may behave in the future, as well as their competition.

Based on the above-mentioned benefits, we take a look at 3 of the top new trends that you should be looking out for, and paying attention to:

  1. Augmented analytics

In order to capture insights and behavior patterns in real-time, businesses need to adopt business intelligence and machine learning to be able to capture, prepare and cleanse data instantly. Currently, there are many types of data being captured within different channels, that it is almost impossible for people to capture manually. This is why augmented capturing of analytics is essential. The result of such an approach will mean that businesses can adapt to insights in the moment, influencing the customer experience. This will lead to decreased frustration, and in turn, more loyal customers.

  1. Machine learning for collaborative platforms

Collaborative systems are platforms that provide various search and recommender opportunities for a wide range of products or services. When you introduce machine learning on filtering platforms, you are able to generate rich insights which will help you tweak the personal aspects.

Once you know what your customers are searching for, according to dates and other contextual features, you will be able to provide your customers with an even bigger list that is directly targeted at them.

  1. Neural networks and decision trees

When complex customer journeys are involved, neural networks and decision trees will help businesses to support better segmentation, classification, and forecasting. In simple terms, this is used for more complex customer journeys. They are certainly far more intricate learning tools, which will require plenty of experience to be able to understand the results, but they make it easier for businesses to create relationship-based customer service strategies according to certain data and measurement variables. It will also advise you on how to better interpret complex analytical models and customer sequences.

The future of digital automation

Digital should be at the heart of every company, and if you’re not staying ahead of these trends, it will be detrimental to the growth of your business. There are new, innovative minds who are entering the market every day, with plans to accommodate every aspect of the digital consumer of today. Before business owners can even think to implement these changes in their businesses, they need to have an upskilled team of digital-first employees who have adapted to these changes within the organization first.

Artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning are being applied in almost every industry, but only a few businesses are getting it right. Consumers expect personalized, transparent, consumer-friendly interactions with brands, which is why businesses need to be tracking and analyzing their every move.

Data-driven solutions are powerful weapons to help businesses offer customer services that are on their terms. Selling is no longer just about creating a product or service and advertising it to your customers, it’s about giving your customers the ability to change your brand according to their needs.

To add value is to eliminate the friction in your customer’s purchasing journey. If you take the time to employ data-driven, decision-making solutions for customer experience management, it will yield good results. Read more about how Clickatell Touch can help you employ successful customer experience management strategies.

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