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Data breaches, startups and the importance of security apps

A false sense of security

Hacking continues to prove devastating to many industries. Whether we’re talking about the infamous Sony hack in 2014 or more recently, Yahoo’s massive breach, the invasion into private spaces online is a problem for everyone.

Businesses are putting a lot more emphasis on their security policies these days. Most businesses increasingly encourage employees to install security apps on all devices accessing their networks. There’s also a noticeable increase of two-factor authentication solutions being put in place to increase information security across the board.

What startups should know, however, is that these security concerns are not only for big businesses. Security breaches can be particularly devastating for startups, due precisely to their size. With large corporations and their deep enough pockets, large hacks are a great deal easier to deal with than they are for startups that could easily be crippled by devastating breaches to their data. Size does not convey immunity – indeed, it does the opposite.

People problems

Companies increasingly encourage staff use a range of interventions, such as smartphone security apps. They’re also focused on implementation more two-factor authentication apps when it comes to other aspects of business. The reason so many companies focus on their staff first is due to staff being the biggest security concern – security experts have long said the biggest danger is from within. Writing in the Harvard Business Review, researchers noted in 2014:

“Insiders – often unwittingly – expose their employers to threats by doing work on electronic gadgets. Our team and others have found that companies’ security groups cannot keep up with the dangers posed by the explosion of these devices. According to a recent Alcatel-Lucent report, some 11.6 million mobile devices worldwide are infected at any time.”

Startups tend to have a more relaxed culture in the workplace. This, however, means greater risk. But there’s no reason proper security interventions need to conflict with a functioning startup culture. Strategies, like using the right apps and having a handle on what devices are active, don’t impede a proper work environment – in fact, knowing security is in place increases production since we can focus on the work itself. Furthermore, clients are more likely to work with startups that put security first. They want to know their data is in safe hands.

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