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Breaking Bad: Is SMS text becoming the 'Heisenberg' of communication?

SMS text marketing is still going strong

SMS text and texting are deeply integrated into mobile culture, yet there are still individuals out there that believe it is a dead medium. Has SMS become the ailing, barely functioning technology of yesteryear, or has it evolved to suit the needs of an advanced app-centric culture? Today we're going to find out if SMS really is 'breaking bad.'

Will new mobile technologies like apps - specifically chat apps - finally end the long illustrious career of the hard-working SMS text? Is this communication dead?

When Good Technology Goes Bad?

It's no secret that businesses who have never worked with SMS text before are seriously misinformed about what texting is, and how it can be used to advance their business. For most managers in this position, SMS is nothing more than the Heisenberg of communication - it's sick, it's fading away and it's dangerous.

Why do they believe that SMS text is breaking bad? Simple. SPAM. The only avenue that these nay-sayers have ever experienced using SMS, has been for personal contacts, or unsolicited spam. Perhaps they have even been scammed by unscrupulous SMS users that want to take a nice chunk out of their airtime using unethical SMS practices.

But SMS is not a bad technology. It was there at the beginning, and was one of the first mobile social connections we ever made. It brought communities together, united families and still to this day connects those that can't afford other forms of expensive tech.

Not only is SMS a communication pioneer, it continues to impress open-minded business owners that care about results enough to try 'alternative' marketing initiatives that work.

You can think of it this way. If Walter White chose a different path, excelled, and became Dean at Harvard University - that is more what the humble SMS has done. We love SMS text, and I am going to tell you why. 

The Real Potential Behind SMS Text Functionality

For individuals, business owners, app developers and bloggers that continue to dismiss SMS as a viable communication tool and marketing method, here are some facts.

  • The social networks that you love so much use SMS technology. Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn - they all love SMS text!

  • Chat apps that you can't get enough of also use SMS technology. The leader in the field, WhatsApp is enjoying increased security because of SMS text.

  • All of those gaming, shopping, reading and productivity apps that help you live a connected, technology-integrated lifestyle - well, they use SMS.

What Are Modern Companies Using SMS For?

SMS text has evolved , and it now serves many clearly defined goals for start-up and established companies and apps. Here is how the best companies, governments and organizations in the world are using SMS technology from Clickatell.

  • To improve in-house productivity with micro networking

  • To improve customer service with SMS notifications

  • To create secure safety networks with SMS alerts

  • To improve appointment attendance with SMS reminders

  • To rapidly improve online and mobile conversions with SMS competitions

  • To properly secure your private app information with two factor authentication

  • To provide SMS reservation and booking services

  • To send millions of people quality messages for brand engagement

  • To provide secure in-app currency transfer

  • To connect your business to your communities via SMS text

With some of the largest companies in the world that are still actively using SMS text for business, clearly SMS is not the Heisenberg of communication! The next time you hear someone say 'SMS is dying' or 'SMS is dead' show them this post. SMS text is only just beginning to shape the way people communicate and share with each other!

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