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7 Ways to effectively use email to SMS gateways today

Email to SMS Overview

Using email to SMS gateways to improve business and foster real relationships between the customers, users and employees in your company is a great alternative to direct SMS marketing. There are many ways an app developer can take advantage of an SMTP email to the SMS system, and we're going to discuss them here.

Assuming your SMS gateway is customizable, reliable and scalable - how can you effectively use email to SMS gateways in your current business?

The Many Uses of Email To SMS

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It's no secret that email marketing and SMS marketing complement each other - but how can you as a developer use email to SMS gateways to inspire new business from your app, website or company page?

#1: Draft Short Powerful Messages By Email

Creating 'mail' bursts on your smartphone is as easy as having access to a Clickatell messaging system like the email to SMS gateways you will find on our site. Simply create short messages on the go and send them to your entire list of SMS contacts.

#2: Send Longer Messages Via SMS

If you have a notification that you want your email to SMS gateways to handle, there is nothing quicker. All you have to do is craft the email, use the gateway option and your data will be sent out as a marketing SMS burst.

#3: Send Reminders About Events and Appointments

Email to SMS gateways will help you keep your service-business busy, by reminding clients and customers about important appointments. Doctors and dentists for example can send these quick mails to their SMS list to ensure that carefully scheduled visits are not missed.

#4: Secure Reservations and Bookings

With the new email to SMS gateways available to the hospitality industry, expect to use them to confirm, cancel or change booking arrangements and reservations. It's a great way to easily confirm that your place of business will be full and earning on the day.

#5: Send Bulk Coupon Bursts

If you decide that your business needs a pick-me-up, you can schedule an exclusive mail delivery for long-time users. With email to SMS gateways, these special coupons will be delivered and appreciated, anywhere in the world.

#6: Send Basic Announcements and Information

Most of all, email to SMS gateways are about keeping people connected. Let your lists know when you are having a sale, or when they can benefit from a choice piece of news about your store or business.

#7: Information Exchange and Limitless Possibilities

Depending on your niche, there are an unlimited amount of ways you can take advantage of email to SMS gateways with Clickatell. A gaming company for example, may use it to send notifications about in-game auction sales to their clients. The opportunities are endless.

Clickatell email to SMS

With thousands of different companies all over the globe using the email to SMS gateways that Clickatell has created, one thing is clear. When you have the right technology partner, and the best possible API on your side - anything is possible.

Use email to SMS gateways like ours to keep your community connected, working, buying and sharing. It works well for a large variety of niches and can be tailor-made to suit the requirements of your company.

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