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3 Top tips for using an SMS application for better candidate engagement

SMS messaging in recruitment

Gone are the days where human resource (HR) departments were expected to manage admin tasks without the help of technology to speed up the process. While many modern departments are making use of artificial resources and customer relationship management (CRM) systems to streamline their work, some still haven’t realized the convenience of a traditional SMS application for automation purposes.

SMS messaging can be used to improve internal and external consumer engagement. It’s easy to think that automation won’t benefit a personal process that generally requires a one-on-one touch. But if you make your SMS messaging dialogue as warm and as human-oriented as possible, you’ll be able to offer your candidates an impressive, speedy, and engaging experience. You’ll also be able to ease up some time spent on tedious tasks and focus on the technical needs of your department.

It’s important to note that automation is not the new face of the recruitment process. It’s simply a tool that can be used to make HR teams faster and more available to employees and potential candidates.

Here are a few benefits of engaging with people through an SMS application:

Using an SMS application to attract new candidates

By making use of the correct words in your text messages, you’ll be able to use SMS to attract new applicants to your business. Often, you might come across a potential candidate, but they refuse to pick up the phone when you try to give them a call. People, in general, prefer to text rather than call and the right message will keep your company in the mind of passive applicants. Another perk about using an SMS application for talent scouting is the speed. You’ll be surprised at how quickly people respond to text messages. Which means you can speed up the hiring process.

Enable two-way engagement

If an applicant likes what they see on the text message you’ve sent them, enable them to respond to your message. This way, they can also text you about any queries they have with your advertised position, experience or salary requirements. Knowing that they can communicate with you instantly, without having to wait days for an email response, will improve engagement because of the convenience. If you add a chatbot element to your recruitment strategy, you’ll also be able to extend a platform to your customers where they are able to engage with your business after working hours.

Keep candidates in the loop

Once a candidate has reached a certain stage in their application process, recruiters or HR managers should be keeping them updated along the way. Although this can easily be done via text messaging, it’s an area where many companies fall short. They start with a powerful introductory phase and then slowly fade out, keeping the applicant in the dark. Most candidates sit and wait, wondering where their application is in the process, and it causes them to lose confidence and feel rejected. If applicants are updated along the way, not only when they’re told they’re not a good fit, it will improve the entire cycle. Candidates will be impressed with your engagement and incredible company experience.

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Make your hiring process more effective today

SMS marketing is a powerful medium for various reasons. And one of them is to reach customers whenever and wherever they are. It’s a cost-effective, convenient, and effortless way to improve consumer engagement, so there is no reason why HR departments should not be using SMS to communicate with candidates.

Going the extra mile to make this experience more convenient for both parties will give your company a positive reputation. SMS automation will empower your department to improve business operations, speed up processes and improve customer engagement. Our SMS Platform gives you the freedom to build your conversation your way. This cutting-edge technology can easily be integrated with CRM systems and even built into websites. For more features, read more about our SMS application Platform.

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