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Here’s how Facebook Messenger can improve your customer engagement solutions

Customer engagement solutions

With artificial intelligence (AI) and customer engagement solutions changing at a rapid speed, it’s impossible to predict the future of customer success. But one thing’s for sure, customers love texting.

The online world might be full of surprises, but the much-loved Facebook Messenger continues to show resilience. And, when integrated with Clickatell Touch which offers advanced business automation features, this tool has proven to be a huge success when engaging with audiences on a larger scale.

Facebook Messenger reaches billions of global users every day, so if you’re not utilizing it to offer your customers a unique customer experience, you’re probably wasting your money on other customer relationship management (CRM) platforms that aren’t delivering.

When it comes to customer engagement solutions, Facebook Messenger means business

This chat-centric platform offers both personalized and group messaging options, as well as advertisement features to improve your reach and generate more traffic to your brand. It’s one of the best customer engagement solutions that ticks several boxes within one application.

Here are a few reasons why you need to be using Facebook Messenger:

Centralized messages with a fast response rate

Since the introduction of chatbots, we’ve learned that customers want instant responses and satisfaction in knowing that they’ll be replied to shortly after they’ve pressed the send button. Gone are the days when customers would sit on long phone calls to resolve their issues. Today, customers simply want to type out a text message or comment on a post online to get their message across without having to speak to a human. Texts, Facebook chats or chatbot messages are less time-consuming and they allow you to leave a conversation and return to it a day later, resuming the conversation where you left off. Customers also prefer this method of chat because email can take days before receiving a response.

This is the type of centralized service customers want when speaking to companies. And the faster, the better. Another perk with Facebook Messenger within Touch is the real-time chat option. You don’t want to be that brand whose Facebook page states that your business typically responds within 24 hours or more. Customers want an instant response and integrating Facebook Message within Clickatell Touch, enables just that. Customers also don’t have to download another application to be able to chat with your business. For example, a customer can be on Facebook scrolling through their feed while having a chat open and querying an issue with your brand.

The ability to modify customer queries in real-time

Businesses can use Facebook Messenger as a personalized approach to build customer relationships and keep customers happy. They can also initiate group chats where needed. Of course, these are both challenging when your business has a large sales funnel, but, for this reason, you can use other approaches in your customer engagement solutions. For example, start off with a chatbot tool such as Touch to service your customers contacting you via Facebook Messenger, with basic answers to their questions until such a point that an agent needs to be contacted. By having a clear approach online, you’ll be able to reach more people and ensure that each interaction is positive and helpful in every stage of the sales funnel.

Agents can use Facebook Messenger to resolve public complaints

Because people prefer to text, customers have no shame in publicly raising frustration about a specific brand online. For this reason, you constantly need to be monitoring your social profiles to ensure that any negative commentary won’t damage your brand. If you do see a negative comment, you’ll be able to contact the individual privately via Facebook Messenger to resolve the issue. You can keep track of spam or customer comments in a separate business-related inbox, allowing agents to organize their conversations and respond in real-time.

Improve your customer response rate with Touch and Facebook Messenger

Facebook has always been about reaching friends and family. However, the business benefits of this platform are too good to miss out on. If you want to reap the benefits that Facebook Messenger and chatbots offer your business without needing to develop your own CRM service, Clickatell Touch will help you streamline all your customer conversations and better scale your business to meet their needs in real-time. It’ll also help you increase sales, streamline support, improve your customer engagement solutions, and reduce costs. To learn more, read about Touch here.

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