Customer Relationship Management

Chatbots are taking over client relationship management... for the better

At some point in your life, you’ve spoken to various types of chatbots. Whether their presence was specified beforehand or not, the chances are that these interactions were quick and convenient – which is just what you want. If more businesses made use of chatbots with their existing client relationship management (CRM) systems, they’d be able to improve customer support, customer interactions, and, more importantly, customer satisfaction.

It’s one thing automating your business tasks. But it’s another creating a personalized chatbot to help drive your brand’s potential even more. Standard CRM software is ideal for time-consuming tasks that don’t require any business to consumer interactions - for example, boosting sales, conversions, and turnaround on internal relations. If, on the other hand, your business thrives on creating strong customer connections, you’ll need to make use of a chatbot to improve these experiences with your brand. And artificial technology is the way to do it. If you want to revive your customer relationships and increase sales or website traffic, you need to invest in a chatbot. Here are a few benefits that demonstrate why you should look at adding a chatbot to your business operations in addition to your standard client relationship management system.

More time to focus on converting leads

Sales agents can make use of chatbots and automation to gather customer information and complete routine tasks. This will give them more time to focus on what they do best: selling. Often, sales agents are so caught up in the data aspect of feedback or queries gathered online that they can hardly find the time to complete the tasks they’re hired to do. So, by integrating AI into your existing client relationship management software, agents will be able to spend more time generating hot leads without experiencing constant interference from customer queries.

A smarter approach to client relationship management

Standard client relationship management is incredibly helpful, once the information has been keyed into the system and submitted for a content audit or report. However, this still requires human attention since someone physically needs to enter the information before they can generate their desired results. With the integration of machine learning and a tool such as Clickatell Touch, your computer will be able to do everything for you. Beyond the advantages of having one central point where you can send and receive messages to your customers, your chatbot application will be able to sift through the information received from customers, record answers, and adjust its approach in real-time. This is an effective approach as it’s affordable and incredibly helpful. Business owners can now rest assured knowing that AI is working its magic and delivering accurate and measurable results to assist with multiple data-driven decisions.

CRM intelligence on another level

As you know, chatbots can service your clients on social media, live chat, and email. Their abilities have changed over time, allowing businesses to “train” them to be more intelligent by feeding them with new information. In essence, your chatbot is as smart as you make it. If you integrate a chatbot into your existing client relationship system you’ll be able to assist customers, generate real-time data, and more – in minutes. You’ll be able to analyze your customers’ behavior and user activities on your website and then communicate with them according to their interests without having to ask them to complete surveys or questionnaires about your website’s user experience (UX) or product offerings, for instance. All of this information can be sourced by your chatbot and inserted into your client relationship management system without you having to sit and monitor its actions. Now, you can sit back and actually focus on bettering your job for yourself.

Speedy service with Touch

Clickatell Touch is the ideal solution for your business needs. Our simple plug-and-play tool works across multiple channels, unifying agent teams in a seamless manner. It requires zero coding and development, and its omnichannel approach allows you to communicate with your customers across a variety of different platforms without compromising on quality. We’re giving you the opportunity to harness the power of automation, resolve more queries, faster and more effectively and, personalize your own chatbot to ensure it’s on-brand. Try it out today, and start marketing the CRM always-on service you’ve always wanted.

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