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Today's enterprises have complex IT environments with a wide variety of applications and data stores. The role of the systems integrator is often critical in helping our enterprise customers understand how to most effectively extract important information from these applications and deliver it to their customers, employees or other intended recipients.

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Net4Nuts: Comprehensive Middleware Solutions

Net4Nuts is a middleware technology company, bringing to the table a collective experience of over 100 man-years in Internet and Wireless technologies. Net4Nuts as a company is busy delivering customer oriented solutions to some of the largest global names in the Wireless and Internet Services space. Net4Nuts Solutions include:

  • E-SMS: Email-2-SMS, SMS-2-Email
  • G - SMS: Group Messaging
  • Mobile Email
  • BBS: Bulletin Board Service
  • Mobile Contests
  • Corporate Email
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Mobile Payment Platform

Content Delivery & Delivery Framework

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Soft Craft: Custom Software Development

Soft Craft Systems specializes in custom software development, with a strong focus on developing interactive mobile solutions. The team has experience assisting a large and growing international client base with a variety of projects including:

  • Integrating international payment gateways with distribution and delivery of mobile content such as ring-tones, operator logos, wallpapers.
  • Fixing incorrect or missing information on applications by requesting correct data via SMS, thereby conserving sales and saving our client's time and money.
  • Integration of premium-rated SMS (i.e. collection of micro-payments made by sending an SMS). Applications built in this sphere include SMS competitions and the distribution of premium content.
  • Integration of messaging in corporate business processes, e.g. rule-based delivery of SMS prior to debit order deductions.
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3rdSUN: Custom Software Development

3rdSUN Solutions is a one-stop solutions provider offering all the services needed to address all aspects of a client's digital strategy. This includes the development of complex database-driven websites, development of custom browser based software, data management solutions and SMS integration. 3rdSUN Solutions is an online application development solution provider, specializing in:

  • Two-way SMS application development and integration.
  • Bulk SMS solutions.
  • Development of complex database-driven websites.
  • E-commerce solutions and credit card gateway integrations.
  • Electronic customer relationship management solutions.
  • Data mining and management systems and services.
  • The provision of real-life solutions to business problems utilizing the Internet.