The Fairmont

The Fairmont Dubai is one of the premier hotels in the United Arab Emirates, offering 394 luxury rooms, and a wealth of other amenities to suit both travelers and local residents.

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Case Study

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The Situation

The Fairmont Dubai hosts regular events and promotions which are generally attended by a number of local customers. The problem lay in making this customer base aware of these promotions at short notice.

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The Solution

The Fairmont Dubai adopted Clickatell's Communicator product to keep in touch with their customers on a regular basis with short, direct messages. These were particularly effective for special events, as well as for food and beverage specials that needed to be promoted quickly. Since 80% of the population in United Arab Emirates have mobile phones, it was a natural choice to select mobile messaging to get the message across.

"Clickatell's Communicator has opened up a different market for us, and helped us reach our customers regularly."

Cleo Eleazar , Food & Beverage Marketing Manager