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Simple multiple API integration, for global SMS delivery.

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Reliable, scalable and customizable, our variety of SMS APIs allow developers to create applications offering businesses online international SMS services, all supported by our reliable bulk SMS messaging gateway.

Use Clickatell’s SMS gateway to SMS-enable any application, website or system and send or receive messages around the globe with a variety of connection options. There’s no charge to sign up or to use our gateway, you only pay for the messages.

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How Developers’ Central can help you:

Web-based interface

The user-friendly web-based interface easily allows you to manage all your SMS API connections, monitor your campaigns, do extensive reporting, make online payments, receive invoices, add sub-users and more.

Wide variety of APIs

Use Clickatell’s wide variety of SMS APIs (HTTP/S, SMPP, SMTP, XML, SOAP, FTP, COM Object) to quickly and easily integrate any system or application with our global SMS messaging gateway.

Additional Sscripts
Additional Scripts

We provide additional APIs and Code Scripts for use with all interfaces and support integration with excellent product documents.

Short and Long codes
Short codes, Long codes

You can add short codes or long codes to your account for international two-way messaging.

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