How Our Online Products Work

Clickatell's powerful solutions enable you to deliver messages securely, reliably and instantly to over 6 billion people anywhere in the world.  Whoever you are and whatever messaging capabilities you need for your site, system or application, we can provide them.

  • Clickatell sits in the middle between over 960 international networks and all our global customers.
  • Our Gateway connects our customers to almost every network worldwide.
  • Every time a client wants to send a message to their database of customers/employees etc. – no matter how large the database is or what network each person is on – they send it to us.
  • Then we distribute it to their database, no matter which network every person is on, or where in the world they are.
  • In essence, our Gateway simplifies our customers’ lives, keeps their costs down and ensures their messages are always delivered.

How the Clickatell SMS Gateway Works


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Developers' Central

Reliable, scalable and customizable, Developers’ Central integrates with your systems and applications via our wide variety of APIs.

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How our pricing works

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Clickatell uses a credit-based system for sending messages:

1 credit will generally = 1 message, however some destinations may charge less than 1 credit and some may charge 2 or more credits per message. This is dependent on the network operators in the particular region. Calculate your message costs.

How we help small and medium-sized businesses

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  • We offer free messaging software products to deal with your business's needs, and make it easy and free for you to test that your connections and messages are properly set up before sending.
  • We provide you with a simple, online account with instant 'do it yourself' sign up and excellent documentation to help you get started easily.
  • We offer a variety of payment methods for the convenient purchase of messaging credits.
  • We publish a range of guides on how you can make effective use of SMS in your business.

Smaller or medium-sized business can use either:

Easy SMS: Sign up for Communicator 2

Advanced SMS: Sign up for Developer’s Central

How we help enterprises

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Managing the infrastructure and costs associated with dependable and scalable messaging at the enterprise level can pose serious challenges. But our enterprise service gives you assured delivery of mission-critical messages across multiple communication channels.

  • We guarantee you accurate, secure, traceable and acknowledged delivery of large volume, mission-critical messages to any audience, anytime, no matter how widely or remotely located.
  • We make the integration of your systems to our gateway fast and easy and provide comprehensive documentation, support and testing.

Advanced SMS: Sign up for Developer’s Central