Transact with Mobile Transaction Services

Clickatell’s value-added mobile transaction services provide customers with a user-friendly and easily accessible route to purchase various prepaid products such as airtime, electricity, television services etc.

Our channel agnostic transaction switch supports transactions via any automated channel, including Point of Sale devices, ATMs, Internet Banking, WAP, Interactive TV and any other platform yet to be created.

Direct Prepaid Top-Up

Our first value added offering is Direct Prepaid Top-Up, which is a real-time, direct, prepaid airtime solution supporting purchases through any point of sale / sales channel.

Benefits of our Direct Prepaid Airtime solution to your business include:

  • New revenue opportunities (unlocking prepaid airtime purchases as a new source of revenue).
  • Attracting new customers through Direct Prepaid Airtime offering.
  • Reduced risk from not holding airtime stock.
  • Use of a hosted shared solution – significantly reducing capital requirements and own technical skills.
  • Increased speed to market.
  • Facilitated billing, technical and operational relationships across web operators.
  • Single point of contact with Clickatell.
  • Professional assistance with implementing your solution.
  • Option to combine with Clickatell’s USSD product to provide a mobile client service channel.

Your clients will benefit from:

  • Increased convenience (can purchase any time of day and from any location).
  • Increased security and reduced risk (no need for handling vouchers and cash).

Clickatell’s unique MTS proposition

Clickatell has more than eleven years of experience in Managed Transaction Services. We operate a range of high-end transactional services so that you can offer these to your customers while still being able to focus on your core business.

Our approach is unique in that our channels do not replace each other but rather complement each other. SMS should always be used in a manner which takes advantages of specific features where it is stronger than the other mobile channels (such as for One Time Passwords and transaction alerts), even when the other channels are options.

We work closely with you to determine your key digital strategy and then our team of professionals design a Managed Digital Solution that includes your business strategies, development roadmaps, maintenance and support strategies.

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Our highly skilled and experienced consultants are dedicated to helping your implement an enterprise solution that meets your business needs. For more information:

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