The HTTP/S API is our most popular API and developers all over the world use it to quickly and easily integrate with their systems and applications. Reliable, scalable and customizable, the HTTP/S API allows developers to create applications that send SMS messages internationally, all using our reliable bulk SMS messaging gateway.

The HTTP API can send 50 to 100 messages a time in real-time. It is supported by most languages and can be used together with all applications and software solutions. It is extremely reliable, quick, convenient and can be debugged easily. You can use the HTTP API to set up Delivery Acknowledgment, Sender ID and Message Delay. There are three different language variants of the HTTP API, they are REST, SOAP and XML.

The Clickatell HTTP/S API is definitely the simplest way of programming your connection to Clickatell and if you need to overcome a firewall problem, HTTP/S API is almost certainly your best solution.

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t-mac Technologies LTD,a remote systems monitoring organisation, chose to use Clickatell’s HTTP API to connect to our SMS Gateway in order to inform end-users of any alarm/alert conditions that may be occurring with their systems.
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Fanore Software used the HTTP API to easily integrate SMS into their suite of services.
Read more about how Fanore Software used the HTTP API is a Swiss online market place for specialists working from home. used Clickatell/s HTTP API to set up an alert system that allowed specialists to be contacted by SMS as soon as a query pertaining to them was submitted.
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SharedPerspective specializes in business agility and business activity monitoring for small and medium enterprise businesses. SharedPerspective had an in-house SMS Gateway which was altered to communicate with the Clickatell HTTP API.
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Example Code

Response: Single Message: ID: apimsgid Multiple Messages: ID: apimsgid To: xxxxxx ID: apimsgid To: xxxxxx

Features of HTTP/S API

  • Supports text, Unicode, binary SMS and flash messaging.
  • Supports extended length messages.
  • Converts ringtones and logos into the correct format.
  • Converts VCard and VCal.
  • Delivery acknowledgement and Sender ID.
  • Gateway escalation: Should the message be delayed for a predefined length of time, it can be escalated to an alternative delivery gateway. Queuing lets you specify up to 3 prioritised queues which your messages can be sent out on.
  • Specify a delay of up to 7 days when sending messages.
  • Batch sending and two-way messaging.

HTTP/S API Quickstart Guide

For those less technically minded, this tutorial will explain in just a few simple steps how you can send an SMS using Clickatell's HTTP API. Note: the manual example outlined below is not the intended purpose of the HTTP post. Instead it is assumed that developers will utilise server generated commands to insert these posts into their code automatically.